My Interview with Voyage Chicago Magazine

Thank you Voyage Chicago Magazine for including me in your “Inspiring Story” series. I am amongst many in the North Shore and Chicagoland that roll up their sleeves and make things happen for themselves every day.
When it comes down to it, for me, it’s really all about doing what you love professionally and getting paid for it. Now that’s a win win situation. Many MANY things need to align for this to happen, but this is the ultimate goal.
I absolutely Love surrounding myself with individuals who have ambition and can adapt to change! The times are changing my friends! Business is done differently now from even 5 years ago and You Must adapt to stay relevant or the door will hit you on the way out.
Let’s keep kicking ass Chicago!

Silk Thumb’s New Signs!

This week was super exciting! After 5 meetings at City Hall they finally approved my two new signs.

Our new location is pretty significant to me. My father was a mason and he built the building The Silk Thumb, LTD is currently located. As some of you know The Silk Thumb was in downtown Highland Park since the early 1980’s. I closed the store front down spring of 2014 and moved the business to Highwood. We are now located in a commercial space, versus a street level retail shop..and now by appointment only. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Our new space is three times as big and less overhead, win win situation! Plus we are in Highwood, which is where I grew up and as I mentioned in the building my dad built in 1970. He passed away in 1979, about 6 weeks after I was born.  He had made dreams and goals. As  you can imagine, it is very special to be in his building and making him proud.

the silk thumb sign silk thumb sign 3

Highland Park Landmark Newspaper Cover Page Story!

This year has been pretty darn amazing. I am very thankful for our business and all the support we receive from customers, friends, family and the community. Growing up in the North Shore it’s extra special to be featured in our local paper.

Here is my photo on the cover page of this week’s Highland Park Landmark newspaper!

here is the link to the story..

HP Landmark Cover

In the News!

Check out this great article from the YOU Journal about our recent feature in HGTV Smart Home 2016!

Click here to read more!


Getting Involved. My interview with The YOU Journal about Highwood’s Girl’s Night Out April 21, 2016

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Julie Brugioni and I am the new Highwood Chamber of Commerce president and owner of the Silk Thumb. The Silk Thumb was located in Highland Park since the early 80’s and I relocated the business to Highwood in spring of 2014. And let me tell you, that was one of the best decisions I ever made. Highwood is very special to me in many ways. My parents immigrated to Highwood in the 70’s and I was raised here. My mother is still a resident and now it is the city my business is flourishing in.

Our community is different than surrounding cities. Highwood’s rich history of immigrants and new found young citizens moving into Highwood creates a community that is diverse and has much to offer. With our fun events like Bloody Mary Fest, Girl’s Night Out and our Wednesday evening markets and our new authentic restaurants, Highwood is drawing people from other communities in to dine, shop and drink.

I was interviewed by The YOU Journal and the article about Highwood’s 5th Annual Girl’s Night Out is linked below. It will be a fun night out on the town!