Silk Thumb’s New Signs!

This week was super exciting! After 5 meetings at City Hall they finally approved my two new signs.

Our new location is pretty significant to me. My father was a mason and he built the building The Silk Thumb, LTD is currently located. As some of you know The Silk Thumb was in downtown Highland Park since the early 1980’s. I closed the store front down spring of 2014 and moved the business to Highwood. We are now located in a commercial space, versus a street level retail shop..and now by appointment only. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Our new space is three times as big and less overhead, win win situation! Plus we are in Highwood, which is where I grew up and as I mentioned in the building my dad built in 1970. He passed away in 1979, about 6 weeks after I was born.  He had made dreams and goals. As  you can imagine, it is very special to be in his building and making him proud.

the silk thumb sign silk thumb sign 3