Schedule a Cleaning! We offer a quarterly, semi-annual or annual cleaning for your artificial flowers and plants. If your home or business has multiple floral arrangements, trees, plants etc. The Silk Thumb will professionally clean and tweak your arrangements. Call us or fill out our form for pricing!

How To Care For Your Arrangement

The Silk Thumb carries special cleaner for the maintenance of your Silk Flower arrangements. Silk Flower Cleaner quickly and easily removes dust and dirt from artificial flowers and plants. A monthly treatment restores and maintains the original beauty of all your florals.

For Best results follow these easy steps. Shake can well before use. Protect floors, furniture and accessories from overspray. Hold approximately 10 inches from surface and spray. Let dry, there is no wiping necessary. If your artificial floral arrangement is extremely dirty, lightly remove excess dust with a cloth or feather duster before application.

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